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Inertial Propulsion Engine: Dean Drive
Inertial Propulsion Engine: Dean Drive

Twenty-eight years of research and 8 prototypes later, Steve has unlocked the long-lost secrets of the Dean enigma. Though impulse engine E-8 is based on the Dean Drive itís different enough to warrant a new patent with 18 claims.

More Info: Impulse engines are machines that, aside from being engineered for levitation, create an unbalanced force from a balanced system, or in Star Trek terms, ďimpulse driveĒ. Such machines donít use friction with the ground, displacement of water, aerodynamics or the expulsion of mass to propel it. Its thrust is a pulsed unidirectional phenomenon cyclically plucked from the angular momentum of eccentric rotors making it 20 times more efficient than typical propulsion. Electricity is the only requirement.

How do they work?
The drive we are presenting, E-8, biasís the axis of spinning eccentric rotors at a precise time in the cycle shifting them into exaggerated apogee and forming elliptical orbits thus releasing centrifugal force.


Category: Space
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